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Ubiqus gains ISO 9001:2008

Ubiqus gains ISO 9001 01.10.08

Ubiqus UK has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification. 

Our specialist audio-visual division, Westminster Sonus, has held the kitemark for many years.  After Ubiqus acquired Westminster Sonus in 2006, we decided to standardise across the UK business.  Now all our products (listed in the Quick Links at left) are covered under the ISO 9001 banner.

ISO 9001 is designed to assess quality management systems and management systems in general. 

We see the ISO 9001 qualification as an important part of our growth strategy.  The Ubiqus group has grown internationally at a fast pace over the last two decades, and sustaining that growth - while continuing to provide all our clients with the service they have come to expect - means making sure that the strength of our internal processes is well ahead of our external growth.

The qualification process was driven by Jen Cordero, manager of our specialist audio-visual division Westminster Sonus, and Ubiqus's production manager Jenny Eynon.  Jen Cordero said, "We already had most of the management systems in place that are required for ISO 9001, but going through the certification process was an important chance to revisit our assumptions and see where we could improve."