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Ubiqus moves to e-invoicing

Ubiqus Moves to E-Invoicing


As the latest step in our green programme, we are making the move to electronic invoicing.

From 13 July, almost all invoices from Ubiqus, and our specialist divisions Harry Counsell and Westminster Sonus, will be sent out by email instead of by post. Our target is to be sending 97% of our invoices by email by the end of August.

We're pleased to be cutting out a lot of unnecessary paper and transport, and in our trials of the new system we've had great feedback from clients who have found the e-invoices easy to track and process.

Tips for more environmentally friendly meetings and events

Over the past two years we've increased our commitment to becoming a more environmentally friendly company - partly because we know our clients appreciate working with environmentally aware suppliers, and partly because a lot of our staff are passionate about environmental issues.

We want to share our conviction that all organisations can make easy changes that will improve their environmental profile.

For inspiration, we've put together six tips for greener meetings.

Tell us your ideas - win wildflowers

We'd also like to hear your best ideas! Tell us what your organisation is doing to decrease the environmental impact of your meetings and events. The five best ideas submitted before 31 August 2009 will win a bag of gorgeous native wildflower seeds.

Email us your ideas to win wildflowers!