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Your Questions About Ubiqus

How do Ubiqus’ name badges differ from those of other badge companies?

Very few badge companies offer such high quality printing or such a high degree of badge customisation – with us you can personalise any of 52 different items on your badges! Even fewer offer as deep a level of understanding of your requirements. This means we don’t just print name badges; we work with you to make sure your badges actually contribute to the success of your event.

With Ubiqus you get:
  • Free graphic design
  • Unsurpassed quality of printing
  • Two decades of experience
  • Environmentally friendly badges and badge recycling.
Why not ask for some free samples so you can judge for yourself?

How does your service differ from what we can do in-house?

If you’re producing badges in-house, are you taking into account the value of your time? There are real cost savings to be had from professional-quality badges that are right the first time.

How much do your name badges cost?

Less than you might expect! We offer transparent pricing based on the number of badges you need, the speed of delivery, the size of your badges and the complexity of your design. Sure, we may not be the cheapest badge company you’ll find. But our prices are remarkably competitive; just ask for a quote or call us on 020 7269 0370 to discuss your requirements.

How quickly can you get my badges to me?

We understand that there may be a very short window between completing your list of guests and the event itself. On a routine basis, we deliver badges just four days after you approve the design – but we can work even faster when your deadlines are short.

Are your badges reusable?

Badge wallets are. Our other badges are pre-printed and specific to your event. For pre-printed badges we've launched a recycling service. Our badge recycling service is free to all our customers - just send your badges back to us after your event.

For more information or a quote, contact us online or call 020 7269 0370.