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Palantypists, British Sign Language Interpreters, and Deaf Support

Deaf Support Services:
Speech to Text (STT), British Sign Language (BSL) and Deafblind Interpreting

Ubiqus offers access services for deaf and hard of hearing users Speech to Text, British Sign Language, and deafblind interpreting.

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Speech to Text (STT) / Palantypists

Also called Palantypists, STT reporters provide real-time subtitling for deaf or hard of hearing users. STT reporters produce scrolling text that helps users to participate actively in meetings and conferences.

Ubiqus has more than 15 years' Speech to Text experience and the largest base of STT reporters in the UK. The service provided by our palantypists and stenographers enables deaf and hard of hearing individuals to participate in meetings on an equal footing with their hearing colleagues.

We also provide complete technical support for projecting the subtitles onto a large screen at conferences.

British Sign Language (BSL)

British Sign Language is used instead of STT for users whose preferred language is BSL rather than English.

BSL interpreters provide simultaneous interpretation of spoken English into British Sign Language. Our BSL interpreters work in all types of settings: interpreting for clients one-on-one, supporting small groups and meetings, and providing BSL at large conferences.

Deafblind Interpreting

A number of techniques are used depending on the user's level of sight and hearing.

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