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Event Software

Do you need online registration for a meeting?  Our Event Software division provides effective solutions to meet your needs. 

Introducing the Market Leader – Ubiqus Event Software

Ubiqus - the market-leading provider of meeting services - is proud to announce the launch of Ubiqus Event Software (UES) for the UK market.  UES is the leading IT solution for pre-registration and event management in France, offering a host of technological benefits for events large and small.

UES encompasses high end technology solutions for events, whether you require a reliable pre-registration communication platform, specialist trade show software or onsite access control and database management.  With a combined experience of over 40 years, and relied on by over 300 clients every year, for 2000 events a year, you can trust us to bring a new level of IT control to your event.

Experience Freedom in pre-registration: The Essential Web Event package

Essential Web Event (EWEV) is our key registration package.  EWEV provides a simple three-in-one solution that gives our clients the tools they need to manage their events effectively - it offers online registration with a delegate database, a branded website in multiple languages and an online email invitation platform.  Best of all, we give you freedom to manage the event yourself through an intuitive online back office – no computer expertise or specialist software required!
Your event needs:
  • Do you organise external or internal events?
    …conferences, conventions, road shows, breakfast debates, seminars, training…
  • Do you have to register practical information for delegates?
    … registered numbers, travel and accommodation, breakouts and workshops, payment…
  • Do you want to recruit new prospects, update your existing database and instantly track your event marketing?
  • Do you want to save time and resources, with all the above data instantly logged and accessible?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions… Essential Web Event can help you.

We save our clients time and resources every day.
We can help you to efficiently manage your events, increase their visibility and in this way tailor your communication strategy more closely to your targets.
To see how we can change the way you manage your events, contact us online or call 020 7269 0370.