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Westminster Sonus, a division of UbiqusThrough the specialist division Westminster Sonus, Ubiqus provides interpreters and interpreting services for corporate, government and legal clients in all world languages. But there’s more to it than that. We don’t simply translate proceedings from one language to another; our specialist interpreters show clear understanding of the context and implications. Relevant academic qualifications or many years of experience in a particular subject area make a world of difference to the end result. That’s why we provide specialist interpreters already familiar with your specialist terminology.

Why use specialist interpreters?

Even before we come to interpret your meeting, we listen. Your account manager will ask about the nature of the meeting. Our assigners match your requirements with the most appropriate interpreters. Our interpreters then undertake the necessary preparation. At your meeting, our interpreters are discreet and professional – unobtrusively building understanding among all parties.

General translation agencies or freelance interpreters may look cheaper initially, but when an interpreter doesn’t understand the context of your meeting, they will struggle to interpret it correctly – or to interpret it at all! The result will be a lack of understanding – leading to frustrated delegates and compromising the value and credibility of your meeting. Our specialised approach is proven to avoid the unnecessary work and expense associated with mediocre interpreters.

The bottom line: accurate, fluent language interpretation. In every setting, every time.

Conference interpreters

Do your guests speak many languages? Expert interpreters working with specialised simultaneous interpreting equipment ensure participation for all.

Meeting interpreters

From one-on-one meetings to panels and roundtables, our skilled interpreters help your meeting flow smoothly - whatever the languages.

Court interpreters

Interpreters who specialise in interpretation for courts and other legal hearings – providing access to justice and speeding proceedings.

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