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Simultaneous Interpreters and Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous Interpreters and Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous interpretation has been the core business of our specialist division, Westminster Sonus, for more than 30 years. Our experience is extensive and the quality of our interpreting services and equipment is unsurpassed – bringing demanding clients back to us again and again.

Westminster Sonus is the sole member of Bosch’s Congress Rental Network (CRN) in the UK. Why is this important? It is your guarantee that our Bosch interpretation booths, conference microphones and headsets – the benchmark for industry quality – will be robust and easy to use. The quality of our equipment is complemented by the skill of our specialist interpreters – ensuring that your multi-lingual conference can flow as smoothly as if it were in a single language.

Of course, attentive customer service is standard, whatever your needs. Why not contact us online or call 020 7269 0370 to discuss your requirements with one of our account managers?

When is simultaneous interpretation used?

Simultaneous interpretation is the technique of choice for:
  • Multi-lingual conferences
  • European Works Councils (EWCs)
  • International arbitrations
  • Diplomatic proceedings
Our equipment and technicians can support up to 32 languages at a single event. We provide skilled simultaneous interpreters in every world language.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreters render one spoken language into another – instantly. They interpret what the speaker is saying while they are saying it, allowing multi-lingual conferences to flow as smoothly and quickly as if they were in a single language.  Simultaneous interpreters are sometimes called UN-style interpreters, conference interpreters or simultaneous translators. They are bilingual by definition – but just being bilingual isn’t enough. Professional interpreters invest years in training and practice to reach the standards we require.

For each language, a pair of interpreters work together in a glass audio booth, listening to the conversation on headphones and simultaneously speaking into a microphone. Delegates listen on earpieces, tuned to the channel that carries their language.

We provide full microphone and headset setups – tailored to the size of your meeting room and the number of speakers – so that all your guests can participate freely. Our technicians are available at your meeting to fix any glitches, quickly and unobtrusively.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using simultaneous interpreters?

Simultaneous interpretation is the only practical choice for multi-lingual conferences – the only way to ensure speakers of many different languages can understand and participate fully. Done well, it’s almost invisible; the mark of good interpreting is that it fades into the background!

But simultaneous interpreting requires sophisticated specialised equipment – and the expertise to set up and run it. It requires incredibly high skill levels and preparation on the part of the interpreters. And finally it requires excellent project management to bring all the elements together.  We bring together the right skills and technology to meet and exceed your expectations.

The stakes are high. A poor simultaneous interpreting service will, without a doubt, damage the value and credibility of your meeting. Good value for money doesn’t come from a interpreting quote that is 10% or 20% cheaper at the outset; it comes from experience that combines the right skills and technology to deliver an efficient and accurate service.

For more information or a quote, contact us online or call 020 7269 0370.