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Experienced Fluency. Technical Excellence.

We donít believe in a hierarchy within our interpreting service Ė we prize the skills of our specialist interpreters as much as the excellence of our interpretation equipment. And we understand how it all needs to come together. Because an error in translation or an equipment glitch can compromise the credibility of your meeting, we donít take any chances.

The value of specialist interpreters

We recruit intelligent, experienced interpreters with the capacity to understand your requirements readily. Their job is not simply to render one language into another, but to understand the flow of conversation and your specialist subject material, so that the interpretation you get is fluent and accurate.

Itís not enough for an interpreter to be bilingual. Simply speaking a language doesnít make someone a good interpreter. Properly understood, professional interpreting is a demanding profession that requires study, practice and specialisation Ė just like any other profession. Itís a level of professionalism that our clients appreciate.

Westminster Sonus: three decades of expertise

Westminster Sonus is the audio-visual division of Ubiqus Ė providing simultaneous interpreting equipment for more than 30 years. It became part of the Ubiqus Group in 2006.

Westminster Sonus has been selected by Bosch and the members of their associated global Congress Rental Network (CRN), as the sole representative of the CRN in the UK. We, and our fellow members of the CRN, are dedicated to maintaining such high levels of service that the CRN is recognised as the industry benchmark around the world.

As a result, reliability is built into everything we do. Truly reliable service meets your expectations of confidentiality; it answers your questions about the complexities of language interpreting and ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day. Our clients trust us unreservedly to provide them with the interpreting service that fits their needs.

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