Meeting Minutes when no audio recording is allowed

No Recording? No Problem.

Summaries for Meetings where an Audio Recording is Not Allowed:
Frequently Asked Questions

At sensitive meetings and hearings, frequently an audio recording is prohibited. But still you need a reliable record of what took place. The written record needs to be accurate, comprehensive and unbiased - a record that all parties can agree with.

Professional summary writers are the ideal solution. A trained summary writer attends your meeting and makes a note in real time - without the need for an audio recording. The final edited document provides a clear, concise record of proceedings. Here are answers to some of the questions our clients have asked us about this unique service.

How do you ensure the written record is accurate if an audio recording is not permitted?

Real-time writing is a specialised skill.  It requires a lot of training and practice as well as a certain innate talent for capturing the flow of discussion at complex, sometimes contentious meetings and hearings.

Ubiqus is the pioneer in real-time summary writing.  Over two decades we've created a "Real Time University." It starts with a competitive application process: we accept fewer than 1% of applicants.  It continues with drills, practice sessions and mentoring by our experienced writers and editors.  It results in a large base of talented writers trained in the Ubiqus method of real-time writing.

"The crucial factor for us was making sure that Ubiqus could cope with such a complex requirement: multiple speakers, sensitivity of subject matter and a fair bit of industry-speak. We simply couldn't afford any slip ups. And there weren't any. In fact, we'd go so far as to say they handled the whole thing much better than we could have."

What kinds of meetings and hearings do you cover without having an audio recording?

Our service is appropriate for any type of meeting where an audio recording is prohibited but where an accurate, thorough written record is still required. Some of the types of meetings we cover most often are:
  • Tribunals
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Grievance hearings
  • Board meetings
  • Consultation meetings
  • Interviews

Do you send writers to attend my meetings in person?

Yes.  When a recording isn't allowed, we generally provide a writer to attend your meeting or hearing and make real-time notes, which are then edited into a polished document and proofread for clarity and consistency by our in-house editors before being delivered to your deadline.

"The writer from Ubiqus was entirely professional.  Although the hearing was quite a sensitive one, we felt comfortable having him there.  Everyone could see what his role was.  It helped that he was neutral and unbiased, too."

How fast can you deliver the written record of my meeting?

How fast do you need it? In many cases, our clients need the written record fast so that they can move on to the next step of their internal processes. We aim to meet your needs with same-day, overnight, 24 hour or 48 hour deadlines.

"What's great about working with Ubiqus is that we don't have to waste time explaining things at length - they're clearly conversant with our requirements. That means they can get the completed record back to us within tight timescales."

What procedures do you have to ensure confidentiality and data security?

Confidentiality has never been more important.  From security-cleared writers to technological investment in secure systems, we have an organisation-wide focus on maintaining confidentiality around sensitive meetings.

Recently one of our regular clients, an investment bank, asked to test our procedures.  We welcomed them to inspect our offices and test our systems - we even invited their IT team to try to hack our server!  We're proud to say it all held up to scrutiny. 

How will my account be managed?

Good account management is part and parcel of good service.  You'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who works exclusively with other organisations in your sector.  They'll be available every day to answer your questions and respond to your requests.  When they're away from the office, we organise seamless cover so you can always get the answers you need.

"Certainly having a dedicated account manager made this a very accessible service. He was an excellent conduit, and knowledgeable about our needs.  We have been very well cared for."

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