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Meeting Minutes for HR Departments - Case Studies

HR departments use our minute taking, transcription and summary services for several types of meetings: investigation interviews, disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings, appeal meetings, employee consultations and performance management meetings. No matter the type of meeting, we delivery quality, accuracy and speed.  And confidentiality goes without saying.  

Contentious grievance case

Requirement: A primary care trust needed an impartial written record of investigatory interviews and hearings. The minutes needed to capture complex detail without an audio recording.

Solution: Ubiqus writers attended each of the interviews and hearings and provided a Standard Summary within 24 hours. The documents created a consistent, accurate case file across the long and emotive series of meetings – helping to make the issues clear and to prevent costly escalation of a high-risk case.

Employee consultations

Requirement: A company planning a major restructuring carried out weekly employee consultation meetings over the course of several months. They needed a clearly-written summary of each meeting to circulate internally.

Solution: Delivered within hours of the end of each meeting, the Ubiqus meeting minutes kept the company’s thousands of employees informed of the progress of the consultation. The speed of delivery meant that the company was able to manage an ambitious consultation timetable and meet the high demand for prompt, accurate information from their employees.

Interviews only

Requirement: A government department conducting a series of investigation interviews wanted word-for-word transcripts to serve as a legal record. Accuracy and confidentiality were equally important.

Solution: We provided a secure facility for the department to upload digital audio files to our server. Reassured by our strong track record on confidentiality and data security, the department trusted Ubiqus to transcribe the audio, edit and proofread the transcripts, and deliver the finished documents in a seamless electronic process.

Saving HR resources

Requirement: A bank wanted to make its day-to-day HR minute-taking more efficient and free staff time to deal with other urgent issues.

Solution: After a trial period, the bank contracted with Ubiqus to cover all HR interviews, hearings and appeals. The organisation has found that service has helped to decrease the amount of time it takes to deal with grievance and disciplinary cases, reduce complaints about the HR process, and release valuable staff time. Ubiqus minute-takers represent "superb value for money," the bank told us.

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