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Grow in your role. Make a contribution.

Ubiqus is a great place to work.  We value enthusiasm, teamwork and motivation.  If you have a passion for high performance - maybe just a tinge of perfectionism - we'd like to hear from you. 

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What's the atmosphere like at the Ubiqus office in central London - and the Westminster Sonus office in Slough?  We work hard, there's no denying it.  Our clients have high standards and, when we need to, we pull out all the stops to meet their expectations.  In return for your skills and dedication we offer competitive salaries and a lively, friendly environment.

Of course, we are an equal opportunity employer.  We welcome applications from people of any race, colour, nationality, gender, sexuality, marital status, age, disability and religion who bring the right skills and attitude.  (Our staff speak 14 different languages in addition to English; we like variety.)

If you bring relevant experience, we'll draw on it.  But many of our staff came to Ubiqus straight from academia or via many different career paths and sectors.  They proved their skills and we gave them the room to grow. 

The careers available at Ubiqus include:
  • Writers. Where else can you make a full-time career as a writer, outside of journalism? Where else can you find yourself working with Microsoft on Monday, the UK government on Tuesday, and a Big 4 accountancy firm on Wednesday - full stop?
  • Editors. Full-time professional pedants with encyclopaedic, magpie-like minds full of grammar, current affairs, and trivia - who can nonetheless proofread to seriously demanding deadlines.
  • Sales managers. B2B sales background? Want to work with a client portfolio of household names like Oracle, Fujitsu, and BP? You bring us natural sales talent, we'll nurture it.
If that sounds like you, then apply online.

We also welcome applications from freelance writers, freelance stenographers, freelance transcribers, freelance translators and freelance language interpreters.  We invite you to apply online, too.