This month, Ubiqus attended the Congress Rental Network (CRN) Annual General Meeting, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Congress Rental Network is a global network of conference and events technology specialists, with more than 40 members around the world.   Ubiqus Ltd is the sole representative of the CRN in the UK. The aim of the organisation is to provide a unified global level of expertise and quality of service for multi-lingual conferences and events, with the latest Bosch conference equipment.

The Congress Rental Network (CRN) has broad-based expertise with total conference infrastructure, including facilities for press rooms, break-out meeting rooms and interfacing with public address and audio-visual systems. With experience in everything from international summit meetings at governmental level to company sales conferences, you can rest assured that the CRN can help.

The Annual General Meeting is hosted by a different member country each January, and provides a fantastic opportunity for business owners and senior management to share expertise, experiences, learn about new products and services in the conference and language services markets, discuss technical challenges of current and new technologies.  For managers, the AGM also provides an opportunity to attend management training sessions – this year included sessions on how to invest in people in the right ways, and leadership issues in a global environment.

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Round table discussions focussed on how best to share technical expertise – including the use of a CRN technical blog for members to discuss individual technical matters – discuss pricing strategies and how best to market new multi‑media conferencing equipment.  The 2016 AGM also welcomed a new member to the CRN, based in Japan.

In addition to formal proceedings, the CRN AGM allows members to present case studies from the year.  This year, almost every high-profile international event was managed by a local CRN member – a few highlights are below:

  • Climate Change talks (COP21) in Paris
  • Egyptian Prime Minister visit to Athens
  • Queen Elizabeth II visit to Malta
  • President Xi’s visit to London, UK
  • 22nd OSCE Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia


The worldwide coverage of such high profile international events highlights the importance of the Congress Rental Network, enabling international clients to host events in any country, safe in the knowledge they will receive the same level of expertise and quality of service as they would in their own country.

Beyond doing business, however, the AGM reminds us that we have a global family who can share doing what we love the most: great events that are wonderful experiences.

Author Sarah Radford



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