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Humans have become so obsessed with portable devices and overwhelmed by content that we now do have attention spans shorter than goldfish.


Microsoft surveyed 2,000 people to determine the impact pocket-sized devices and the increased availability of digital media and information have had on our daily lives. They used electroencephalograms (EEGs) to monitor the brain activity of another 112.

Good news: Our ability to multi-task in the information age has drastically improved.

Bad news: Our attention spans have fallen.

In 2000 the average attention span of an adult was 12 seconds, but this has now fallen to just eight. The goldfish is believed to be able to maintain a solid nine.

Corporate events thrive on long speeches and presentations. Audiences find monologues boring. They’re no longer willing to sit for an hour while a single speaker drones on. The key to getting and holding their attention is having things continually happen.

Typically, attention at corporate events wanes after about 10 minutes.



     ✓ When creating your presentation, plan to have a strategic change every 10 minutes

     ✓ Use a different mode to present the next segment

     ✓ Changes can be anything from showing a video clip, or asking a question.

     ✓ Match the audience emotion. If they’ve just sat through a long monologue, their energy is likely to be low. Match their energy and gradually bring it up.

     ✓ A great way to facilitate a successful presentation is Voting systems.

Ubiqus Voting Systems

Using voting system Keypads can cause attention levels to rise as much as 50% and can set the mood of the meeting from the start.

Ice breaking questions can be used to build a connection through finding the common ground with the audience through fun questions. Having consistent questions throughout, whether it is common knowledge or an internal quiz, keeps the audience engaged throughou

Our technicians look after the whole process, and our patented software allows us to collaborate with your Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow to show the outcome of the voting real time.

The answers are then collated and summarised in an executive report after the event finishes and data can be displayed in the way that your require it and can be further split into audience groups or demographic.

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John Kennard

Corporate Account Manager

Ubiqus UK

Our attention span is now less than that of a goldfish, Microsoft study finds.Photograph: Christopher Hooton/Independent