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Ubiqus is a language service provider dedicated to providing accurate reliable solutions in the realm of translation, interpretation and transcription.

We are experts in ensuring individuals and organisations understand the proceedings of meetings, hearings, conferences, seminars and more.

Ubiqus is the 4th largest professional language service provider in Western Europe. Ubiqus UK operates as a subsidiary of the larger entity Ubiqus Group.

As a multinational organisation with offices across the globe, we focus on delivering quality, reliable and responsive language services.

  1. 1991Ubiqus established in France
  2. 1998Ubiqus established in UK via acquisition of Palantype Ltd.
  3. 2003Harry Counsell Court Reporters becomes a part of the Ubiqus Group.
  4. 2007Westminster Sonus (Language interpreting and specialist audio-visual service) becomes a part of the Ubiqus Group
  5. 2009Ubiqus acquires 101 Translations
  6. 2015Eurosis becomes a part of the Ubiqus Group