Badge design tips

“Badge design tips” by Oliver Hall, Badging specialist

The six foot rule

Fonts larger than 18pt can be read from 6 feet away. Try to make names larger than this. We often produce badges with first names as large as 48pt in a bold font.

Print both sides

If no info to put on the back of the badge then print the same on both sides. Badges can get twisted during networking activities.

Make the badge work for you

Include useful info for attendees – we can put all kinds of info on badges. Usual suspects include: agendas, maps, wifi details and hotel and transport info. If your event has sponsors put their logo in a prominent place on the badge.

Use colour

Good use of colour can make it easy to differentiate different attendee groups at a glance, control access and tie in with event branding. Most of all, colourful badges are cool and more likely to be kept as souvenirs by attendees.

Ubiqus pride ourselves on the care and attention that we put into our badge designs. Each job we produce includes design drafts and tweaks produced in our design studio and included in the price!

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