The Optimum Badge

This is something special. Three or four times the size of an ordinary badge (8 x 12cm or 9 x 13cm), the Optimum Badge gives personalized agenda  to each of the participants to a conference, seminar, meeting etc.

Like all our badges, Optimum Badges can be cut to bespoke sizes and shapes.

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  • Product description
  • The product

The Optimum Programme is a great format for a name badge. Thanks to its large size ( up to 100×150 m) you can fit up to 40 lines of text on each side – ideal for an event programme or agenda. Add the ability to customise the front of the badge with a delegate’s chosen sessions or room location and you have an individualised roadmap to the event for each participant.

  • Get the most out of your Optimum Badge:

Customise each badge to the extreme. A large printable area allows a great deal of personalisation on each badge. Include variable data such as logos, photos, text, banners, flags, etc.

  • Cover every detail of your event:

Use the badge to communicate important information about the event. Include maps, hotel information, health and safety information. Include all the information you need to ensure your event goes without incident

  • Standard formats:

90 x 130 mm, 80 x 120 mm, 70 x 105 mm

  • The results :

With the Optimum programme badge say goodbye to the woes of unprinted emails, lost access to online information and misplaced itinerarys. All of your event information on a single document

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