Pull-up Banner

Stylish design and proven reliability, our range of pull-up banners has been specially designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, ideal for all kinds of corporate events, any indoor promotions.

Includes printed graphics

Extremely fast and easy to setup

Very portable and lightweight

Ratchet graphic tensioner

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  • Our pull-up banners

A pull-up banner is the most popular, lightweight and easy to use banner system on the market. So we offer a service that can both improve the quality of your communication and provide excellent value for money.

Pull-up Banners Sizes

Available in 4 different widths:

850mm x 2000mm

1000mm x 2000mm

1500mm x 2000mm

2000mm x 2000mm

Made with durable anodised brushed aluminium, our pull-up are self-winding. They are provided with a free padded carry bag to store your banner in when not in use. All our pull-up banners will be delivered within 5 working days.

Send us an e-mail with your chosen format to : infouk@ubiqus.com

  • Why choose a professional Pull-up Banner company?

Pull-up banners are traditionally used to:

present your services and products;

introduce your partner’s logos.

They can also be used to:

welcome participants to your event;

signpost (badge distribution desk, refreshments, etc.).

  • Choosing the correct banner
With so many pull-up banners to choose from, how do you decide which is the right product for the job?
Give us a call for more information!

1) Consider where and how often your banner will be used – occasionally/everyday

2) What is your budget? Choose from economy if use is a one off or short promotion, right up to premium for when a quality product is required for extended use

3) Size matters! Pull-up banners come in a wide range of heights and widths. Consider the environment and space available, pull-up banners should gain the interest of your customer but not get in their way

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