Board meetings are important events where decisions are made in regard to the governance of an organisation and can affect relations with Staff, Investors and Authorities.

A board meeting must meet the quorum requirements and its deliberations must be recorded in the minutes.

Often notes taken to record these meetings can fall short; leading to decisions being made based on inadequate and incomplete information.
The time taken to finalise these notes can also prolong essential decisions.

At Ubiqus we provide the most skilled summary writers to capture Board meeting contents.
We take the pressure off our clients by providing them with a service that meets their requirements every time. What we do for our clients:

Produce a more accurate and detailed depiction of meetings

Like anything in life, the more you practice, the better your output. Our writers produce documents every day, compare this to a designated member of staff for whom taking notes and summarising a meeting, makes up a very small part of their role. We are able to capture the content of the key action points of the meeting in the level of detail you require, which allows your staff to focus on their core tasks.

Our In-house editing team ensures that the document is of the highest quality. Feedback from your designated account manager is then fed into a ‘client cycle’, contributing to a template streamlined to your document needs.

Decrease decision and admin time Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 working days.  We also have options for 48h and 24h turnaround times.
Having the information available promptly allows for this information to be digested sooner, follow up meetings to be more productive, decisions to be made faster and outcomes to be actioned efficiently.
Ensure no information leakages At Ubiqus we understand that confidentiality and security is of the upmost importance, which is why we have all our staff sign Non-Disclosure agreements upon employment and our document storage facility is secure to the standard of an online bank.

John Kennard
Corporate Account Manager

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