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As we start celebrating the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) today, the Ubiqus Translation Team reflects on how we help our clients bridge the two languages and cultures through our translation and interpretation services.


China and the UK

China’s importance as a business partner for the UK has been increasing consistently over the past 10 years. Thanks to a growth of imports from GBP11.4 billion to GBP37.6 billion in 2014, China is the UK’s second largest import partner after America.

Chinese Investment

According to the Office for National Statistics, the stock of investment held by Chinese citizens in the UKballooned almost 8-fold to more than GBP950 million between 2004 and 2013.

Ubiqus and China

Ubiqus has long shared a very close relationship with the Chinese market, exemplified by the support we provided during the Chinese State visitlast year. We continue to share the expertise we have developed through our experience with our clients.

In recent months we have helped L’Oreal and the International Festival for Business 2016 with their efforts to reach out to Chinese investors here in the UK.



Year of the Monkey

Plans are in place for celebrations around the world this Chinese New Year. If you were born in 1968, 1980, 1992 or 2004 the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey characterises you as sociable, quick-witted, confident and innovative.

Famous Monkeys

Julius Caesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Charles Dickens were all born under the sign of the Monkey. Will Smith and Daniel Craig are also famous monkeys! We hope the luck of the Monkey will bring them [and us] many more award winning performances!

Good Luck!

There are several things it’s advised you avoid on Chinese New Year’s day, here are some tips on increasing your luck:

1. Wear Red because it is a happy colour and will bring you a happy and sunny future

2. Don’t wash your hair and wash your fortune away

3. Keep your rice jar topped up to make sure there is enough food for visitors.



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Planning ahead

We’re planning translation projects with our Clients for the coming months and year, helping to enhance multilingual communication within the UK and abroad. Please do get in touch if you are in planning stages. Download our revamped 2016 brochure here.

Please note that the New Year celebrations between 7th and 13th February are bank holidays in China, which means the linguists who are not taking a holiday during this time will be extremely busy. Please contact us as early as possible to plan ahead and book in resources.

From all of us in the Translation Team,


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