Much more than a microphone, a multimedia unit!

Ubiqus is the sole UK owner of a revolutionary new Bosch conference system.

It combines audio, video, multimedia content, and internet access, in one single system and on one single cable.

DCN Multimedia system

DCN multimedia is the first IP-based conference system. It enables participants to:

  • share documents,
  • view presentations,
  • watch videos,
  • vote in live polls,
  • interact and communicate with one another,
  • give live feedback to presenters and organisers,
  • and access the internet all in one place.

The devices have high-resolution capacitive 7‑inch touchscreens and through innovative new technology, Bosch have ensured that the most important part of a conference – the audio – remains at exceptional quality. The devices have a discrete array microphone, which is a brand new technology, making it possible to talk from a distance with no intrusive microphone stem pointing to the mouth.

DCN multimedia system

It has been designed from the ground up to inform, impress and inspire the audience, making it easier for people to convey their message, to get their story across, to explain and convince.

By making presentations more effective and enhancing interaction between participants, DCN multimedia helps people become inspired by the subject being discussed. It encourages people to get involved, and to contribute more efficiently to the meeting. In the end, this will move people to action.

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High tech and design award winner!


  • Full multimedia functionality (audio, video, documents, presentations, media sharing)
  • Voting and audience response – live results streaming
  • HD camera control
  • Display active speakers and media on individual devices, hall displays and monitors.
  • Identify participants by name or seat number
  • Control microphones either fully automatically or manually by the chairperson or technician
  • Register a participant’s request-to-speak
  • Internet and intranet access
  • Integrate with webcasting, HD camera systems, sound reinforcement amplifiers, simultaneous interpretation systems, video display facilities, and hard copy printing
  • Control a camera switching system
  • Data transmission over IP Ethernet network
  • System is securely encrypted in accordance with internationally recognized standards
  • Built on Android platform – can also add third party or custom made apps
  • Can use existing building network systems (for permanent installations)


The DCN multimedia conference system is currently being used in a range of events

  • Boardroom meeting – board / management / committee meetings
  • Annual General Meetings
  • General Assemblies
  • Panel debates and presentations
  • Investor relations (financial results presentations, shareholder briefings, industry conferences)
  • International conferences

Award Winning Design

  • InAVation Technology Awards 2014
  • German Design Awards 2015 for Excellent Product Design
  • Red Dot Award winner 2014 for Product Design
  • Professional AV Awards UK 2014 for Collaboration Product of the Year
  • 2014 iF Product Design Award

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