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[ e-Discovery in any Language]

Accurate, secure, effective – Ubiqus’s e-Discovery services for legal cases allows you to streamline your multi-lingual document review saving you time and money without compromising quality.

Whatever the size, language combination or technical requirements of your dataset, you need efficient and effective litigation management from a reliable global discovery team. Ubiqus is the answer with offices around the world and unrivaled technology to meet your e‑Discovery needs.

Multi-lingual legal proceedings don’t have to mean long delays. Our e‑Discovery translation software makes it easy to translate a high volume of foreign language ESI quickly and securely.   Our multi-lingual platform integrates seamlessly into your document review workflow and covers over 2,000 language combinations. The cutting edge technology allows large volumes of data to be translated in a very short span of time – reducing costs and giving you a strategic edge.

Find out how Ubiqus can help you with your e‑Discovery today.