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[ e-Learning: What’s It All About?]

The e-Learning industry is booming. With limitless topics and low cost investment, it’s set to be one of the fastest growth areas around. Are you looking to enter the world of e Learning or want to take your training online? Here’s some top trends to consider:

1. Micro-learning
With notoriously short attention spans and multiple demands on our time, micro-learning allows the end user to complete small modules and milestones on the way to the end goal. This cultivates a feeling of accomplishment and encourages the users to continue with their journey.

2. Mobile learning
Make it easy for your audience to learn on the go. Mobile App based e Learning platforms mean users can pick up their training at any time. This flexibility is key for keeping users progressing.

3. Gamification
Connecting learning with fun not only ups engagement, it increases effectiveness. Memory and recall are both boosted when learning is made more interactive. Gamification also allows creates natural repetition without fear of boredom. Winning badges and collecting points are great incentives with universal appeal.

4. Video Learning
Video is still one of the fastest growing areas of online learning and accounts for over 80% of internet traffic. Videos are interactive and easy to follow. Combined with micro-learning and mobile accessibility, you’re on your way to creating a successful learning platform.

5. Go Global
Now that you’ve got your content and delivery sorted you’ll want to reach as many potential users as possible. While the internet delivers a global audience to your doorstep, with e Learning it’s hugely important to deliver content in multiple languages and context. Delivering multi lingual options is easy by partnering with Ubiqus. We’re able to translate into 70+ world languages and work with your technology to deliver a seamless experience.

Whether a big company looking to bring your offering online or a small start up with big ideas, Ubiqus can help plan and execute your multi lingual e Learning apps, videos and training content.