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Ubiqus, the one stop-shop for professional interpretation requirements

Since we started in the UK,  Ubiqus’ positioning on the market has been to provide high-end interpretation to demanding professionals, either in the Corporate sector or in Public organisations.
Ubiqus incorporates Westminster Sonus and Eurosis.

Since then, the promise hasn’t changed: cater for any type of interpretation needs in a professional environment:

Face to face interpretation by Ubiqus for either conferences or meetings;

Telephone interpretation by Ubiqus to facilitate remote discussions on the phone or via video.

Whatever your language requirement, whatever your budget,
Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

Face to face interpretation by Ubiqus

Interpreters are physically present at the meeting, conference or hearing, and will translate into the target language for non-English speakers. There are two main types of interpretation.

On-site Simultaneous Interpretation


On-site Consecutive Interpretation


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Telephone Interpretation by Ubiqus

Consecutive Interpretation over the phone

With telephone interpretation, an interpreter is available at the other end of the phone to interpret consecutively into both languages being spoken.


Simultaneous Interpretation over the phone

Ubiqus can provide simultaneous interpretation to (remote) attendees requiring translation in another language and not being present in the room.

This can be carried out by phone. Your desk phone. No need for specific equipment.


Ubiqus Interpretation overview


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Ubiqus offers solutions for interpreting in person or remotely


Ubiqus is trusted by over 2,000 Companies 

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Our client list includes some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious institutions.  Click here to find out our diverse client base.


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Ubiqus provides efficient yet friendly customer service.  Simply contact us with your requirements.

Everyone has a dedicated account manager whether they have worked with us before or not, as we assign our account managers by sector. They will be able to take the time to go through your requirement and make a recommendation based on their experience.

Our project managers’ co-ordinate specialist interpreters and equipment, taking into account the type of meeting, your sector terminology and the languages you require.

Professional, experienced language interpreters and technicians will attend your meeting – ensuring clarity in every language.


If you’d like to find out more about how we can make a difference to your organisation, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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