IR receivers

Infra-red receiver and interpretation headset

Interpretation Headsets and Language Distribution Equipment

Since 1991, we have provided the most professional infra-red headsets and receivers available:

     ✓ Attractive & Ergonomic Design

     ✓ Easy Channel Selection

     ✓ Superior Audio Quality

     ✓ System Integration 

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

For multilingual events, our digital infra-red interpretation headsets and receivers allow your delegates to follow all the proceedings in their own languages.

It’s just part of our complete range of interpretation equipment.

  • Easy audibility. Total comfort.
Our Bosch Integrus digital infra-red interpretation equipment provides crystal clear audio coverage without any interference from lighting and other infra-red sources, now a common problem for users of the outmoded analogue infra-red systems.

  • The individual infra-red receivers are unobtrusive.
  • They can be easily carried by the users around the conference room.
  • Headsets are comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Delegates can easily find the channel that matches their language.

The result: an intuitive, comfortable experience for your attendees listening to the professional simultaneous interpreting in their own language.