Ubiqus expertise in on-site interpretation is unrivalled in the UK

Since we started in the UK,  Ubiqus’ positioning on the market has been to provide high-end interpretation to demanding professionals, either in the Corporate sector or in Public organisations.
Ubiqus prides itself to only work with Qualified Interpreters.

Since then, the promise hasn’t changed.cater for any type of interpretation needs in a professional environment:

Ubiqus Simultaneous Interpretation

for conferences or strategic meetings.

Ubiqus Consecutive Interpretation

for every day business and legal meetings.

Whatever your language requirement, whatever your budget,
Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.

Ubiqus Simultaneous Interpretation

Benefits of on-site Simultaneous Interpretation

  • UN-style interpretation i.e. the best available on the market

  • Real-time interpretation keeps the pace of the meeting

  • The only interpretation technique to capture the tone, wit or emotions of the speaker

Who are our Simultaneous Interpreters?

  • First and foremost, Simultaneous Interpreters are the crème de la crème of interpreters.

  • Simultaneous Interpreters are experienced professionals who trained for years how to interpret a language in another at the same time as hearing it.

  • Simultaneous Interpreters are skilled professionals who know can work with the sophisticated SI* equipment installed & operated by Ubiqus technician(s).

  • Simultaneous  Interpreters are not just trained in their two languages, they also understand the vital cultural differences between the two.

  • Click here to discover our Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment


Simultaneous Interpretation Booth

Ubiqus Simultaneous Interpretation - Interpreter's desk

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Definition of Simultaneous Interpretation

For which events?

  • Multi-lingual conferences

  • European Works Councils (EWCs)

  • International arbitrations

  • Strategic meetings where time is of the essence

Why use Ubiqus for your Simultaneous Interpretation?

  • No intermediary. Ubiqus owns, operates and maintains its SI* kit. See which equipment is available here.

  • Wherever you are (Europe, Asia, America). Ubiqus will be able to source the most cost-effective SI* equipment [learn about the Congress Rental Network here]

  • Experience. We have an impressive client list (here). You will only speak to a client manager who knows you or your sector.

  • Ubiqus team. Benefit from the level of advice and professionalism you will get from Ubiqus’ client team. Then be impressed by our simultaneous interpreters during your meeting!


*SI = Simultaneous Interpretation

No room for a booth?

No problem. Ask for our solutions of remote Interpreters.

Ubiqus Consecutive Interpretation

Benefits of on-site Consecutive Interpretation

  • Cost-effective solution as only one interpreter will be assigned to your job if it is less than an hour

  • Flexible set up as no (Sim Tran) Equipment is needed. Can occur anywhere.

Who are our Consecutive Interpreters?

  • Quality first. Unlike many agencies, our Consecutive Interpreters will have years of experience in interpreting meetings in you required sector… not doctor’s appointment or police interviews.

  • Specialised. Unlike many agencies, our Consecutive Interpreters will be selected upon their field of expertise PRIOR to the meeting.

Ubiqus doesn’t operate a call Center interpretation style service. We ensure that our clients are assigned fully qualified interpreter who will provide an exceptional service.


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Face to Face interpretation services


Definition of Consecutive Interpretation

For which events?

  • Business meetings of limited audience or where time is not of the essence

  • Any legal meetings such as court hearings, tribunals, arbitrations, depositions

  • Any type of interview (HR meetings, market research, etc.)

Why use Ubiqus for your Consecutive Interpretation?

  • Selection. Unlike many agencies, our experience stems from Simultaneous Interpretation so we strive for quality. Our consecutive interpreters will be carefully selected prior to the meeting and we do not operate a hot-line style interpretation.

  • B2B only. Ubiqus only deals with B2B clients. 

  • Experience. We have an impressive client list (here). You will only speak to a client manager who knows you or your sector.

  • Ubiqus team. Benefit from the level of advice and professionalism you will get from Ubiqus’ client team. Then be impressed by our consecutive interpreters during your meeting!


Ubiqus’ solutions for on-site interpretation

Ubiqus Whispering Interpretation


For business negotiations or one-to-one or small group meetings, Whispering interpretation can also be an efficient solution. For Whispering interpreting, the interpreter sits or stands next to the person or people requiring interpretation and speaks softly using normal speech kept at a low volume.

Learn more about Whispering Interpretation


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Our client list includes some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious institutions.  Click here to find out our diverse client base.


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