Conference Push To Talk Microphones by Ubiqus

Ubiqus, incorporating Eurosis, have provided the most professional microphone systems available:

      ✓ Up-to-date Bosch conference microphone systems

      ✓ Versatile & Convenient  

      ✓ Compact & Reliable 

      ✓ Quickly & Easily assembled by our professional technicians

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

  • Our range of Bosch Push to Talk Wired Microphones

Ubiqus, incorporating Eurosis, can hire or supply the complete range of Bosch WIRED conference microphone systems which includes:

  • The NEW DCN Multimedia Conference System
  • The DCN Discussion microphone system
  • The DCN Concentus microphone system
  • The CCS 900 Ultro microphone system
  • The CCS 1000D Digital Discussion system
  • Our range of Bosch Push to Talk Wireless Microphones
The DICENTIS WIRELESS Conference System uses standard Wi-Fi and smart wireless management to ensure interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing.
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The Dicentis Wireless product range allows:

  • Standard Wi-Fi technology for co-existence with other Wi-Fi networks
  • Smart wireless management to ensure interference-free wireless conferencing
  • Touch-screen Wireless Devices with built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) reader and possibility for company logo upload
  • True wireless connectivity for easy control and redundancy
  • OMNEO-ready for future expansion with the DCN multimedia system
  • Push to Talk Microphones functionalities
Push to Talk Microphones are essential for simultaneous interpreting (after all, the interpreters in their soundproof glass booths have to be able to hear the delegates speaking!).

But the right type of microphones also provide extra functionality, giving you options that are tailored to your meeting. Choose from:

  • A choice of talk modes, including voice-activated and chairman controlled
  • Voting options
  • Delegate database and attendance registration
  • Message display
  • Camera control

Ubiqus can supply either wired or wireless microphones depending on the need and the environment.

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