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Infra-red receiver and interpretation headset

Interpretation Headsets and Language Distribution Equipment by Ubiqus

Ubiqus incorporating Eurosis have provided the most professional infra-red headsets and receivers available:

     ✓ Attractive & Ergonomic Design

     ✓ Easy Channel Selection

     ✓ Superior Audio Quality

     ✓ System Integration 

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

For multilingual events, our digital infra-red interpretation headsets and receivers allow your delegates to follow all the proceedings in their own languages.

It’s just part of our complete range of interpretation equipment.

  • Easy audibility. Total comfort.
Our Bosch Integrus digital infra-red interpretation equipment provides crystal clear audio coverage without any interference from lighting and other infra-red sources, now a common problem for users of the outmoded analogue infra-red systems.

  • The individual infra-red receivers are unobtrusive.
  • They can be easily carried by the users around the conference room.
  • Headsets are comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Delegates can easily find the channel that matches their language.

The result: an intuitive, comfortable experience for your attendees listening to the professional simultaneous interpreting in their own language.

  • Other new usages
Simultaneous Interpretation Bosch radiator by UbiqusOver the past few years, Ubiqus-Eurosis has seen a new need emerge: silent conferences.

You can read our Blog Post about silent seminars here.

The idea is to use a different channel of the receiver to broadcast a different message.

As an example, in a room, you will broadcast a speech on channel one and a different message in the next room on channel 2. So, one room = one message (i.e. one channel).

Our Bosch Integrus infrared receiver has 32 channels so there are plenty of channels to “play with”.


To broadcast the message and have it captured by the receivers, you will need an emitter called an infrared radiator (as shown here).

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