Simultaneous Interpretation Booths by Ubiqus

Since 1991, we have provided the most up-to-date simultaneous interpretation booths available:

     ✓ Portable soundproof booths

     ✓ With plenty of work space

     ✓ Comfortable & professional environment

     ✓ And quickly & easily assembled by our professional technicians

Ubiqus UK owns more than 30 simultaneous interpretation booths for 2, 3 or 4 interpreters.

  • Comprehensive functionality
Interpretation Booths Conforming to ISO 4043 standards, our booths support the skilled work of professional simultaneous interpreters and are approved by EU and UK Government agencies. The booths can be configured to accommodate two, three or four interpreters and are suitable for all types of venues.

External Interpretation Booth Dimensions

  • 2 Person: 1.75 x 1.75 x 2.28m
  • 3 Person: 2.55 x 1.75 x 2.28m
  • 4 Person: 3.35 x 1.75 x 2.28m

Soundproof interpretation booth


  • The interpretation booth door can be positioned at the rear or the side.
  • Fully equipped with an extract ventilation system.
  • A full width worktop for documents, interpreters’ desks and lighting units.
  • Cable outlets at the base of the side walls.
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