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Ubiqus offers the most professional consecutive interpretation service available. Our approach is attentive, customer oriented and timely – and includes attentive professional advice as standard requirements.

Consecutive interpretation is suitable for telephone and in-person interpretation

Consecutive interpreting offers a number of benefits:

  • No specialist equipment required
  • Consecutive Interpreters specialised in the field of the meeting/conference call

Ubiqus does not operate a call-centre type of interpreting where a random interpreter is assigned to your job just few minutes after the request is made.

Use Consecutive Interpretation for:

Court Hearings




Conference Calls


Keynote Speeches

Consecutive interpreting is just part of the full suite of language interpretation and translation services we offer.

What is Consecutive Interpreting?

Consecutive interpreters wait for the speaker to pause before interpreting. The interpreter may interpret after every sentence, or may take notes and then interpret several minutes of speech at once. Consecutive interpreters are bilingual by definition – but just being bilingual isn’t enough.

Professional interpreters invest years in training and practice to reach the standards we require


Consecutive interpreting is easy to set up – it requires no special equipment, no booths or headphones or microphones. It is therefore very portable and convenient.
  Consecutive interpreters works best when only two languages are being used (usually English and one other language).


  If meetings involve many different languages, consecutive interpreting won’t be the right choice, instead you’ll need simultaneous interpreting.
  The main limitation of consecutive interpretation is that it doubles the time of the meeting.
  Consecutive interpreting does not happen in real-time as the speaker must pause to allow the interpreter to speak. It relies on the notes that the interpreter will have taken so it is more subject to content distortion.

Consecutive Interpretation by Telephone

Benefits of Telephone Consecutive Interpretation

  • Cost-effective solution as only one interpreter will be assigned to your job if it less than an hour
  • Time-based charge. You just pay for the time the interpreter is on the phone with you

Best for:

  • Business discussions between different parties
  • Any legal meetings to prepare for a case with a foreign client or witness
  • Any type of interview (HR meetings, market research, etc.)

Why Choose Ubiqus for Consecutive Interpretation?

Selection. Unlike many agencies, our experience stems from Simultaneous Interpretation so we strive for quality. Our consecutive interpreters will be carefully selected prior to the meeting and we do not operate a hot-line style interpretation.

B2B only. Ubiqus only deals with B2B clients.

Experience. We have an impressive client list (here). You will only speak to a client manager who knows you or your sector.

Ubiqus team. Benefit from the level of advice and professionalism you will get from Ubiqus’ client team.


Trusted & Experienced

Founded in 1991, Ubiqus offers the most professional consecutive interpretation service available. Incorporating Westminster Sonus and Eurosis has further strengthened our skills and experience.

The quality of our interpreting services and equipment is unsurpassed – bringing demanding clients back to us again and again.

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.

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