Whispering Interpreting by Ubiqus

Ubiqus, incorporating Eurosis, offers the most professional whispering interpretation service available. This type of interpretation offers a number of benefits:

     ✓ No specialist equipment required

     ✓ Highly qualified & accredited whispering Interpreters

     ✓ Convenient & Informal

     ✓ Freedom & flexibility 

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

Sometimes called by its French name, “chuchotage,” whispering interpretation is used by our clients in small meetings and informal settings. Scroll down to find out more

Ubiqus is trusted by Over 2,000 Companies 

including some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious institutions.  Click here to find out our diverse client base


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  • When is whispering interpretation used?
Whispering interpretation is often the technique of choice for:

  • Business negotiations
  • Site visits (workshops, factories, etc)
  • One-to-one or small group meetings


  • What is whispering interpreting?
Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language (English, for example) and one or two delegates speak a different language.

The interpreter sits beside the delegate – or in the case of site visits, walks with the delegate – and whispers the interpretation to him or her during the meeting. It’s a less formal type of language interpretation.


  • What are the pros & cons of a whispering interpreter?


Whispering interpreting requires no special equipment, no booths or headphones or microphones. It is convenient and informal.

Best where only two languages are being used (usually English and one other language).

It is most helpful when a small number of foreign language speakers need interpretation – not more than one or two.


For larger or more complex meetings, you may need a different technique of language interpretation.

Whispers may create a background noise that may become annoying for the other meeting participants.

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