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Ubiqus is 37th Language Services Provider (LSP) Worlwide & 7th in Western Europe

This year, Ubiqus Group appears in the Common Sence Advisory’ 2014 rankings of the largest Language Services Providers.

Every year, this independent organisation surveys and lists the world’s leading providers of translation, localisation and interpreting services.

Translation is written.

Interpreting – sometimes called simultaneous translation – is spoken. Translation and interpreting are very different skills; we offer both.

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  • Translations
Asking a generalist translator to do a specialist translation is a little like asking an eye doctor to do heart surgery… It’s also unlikely to deliver the language translation quality you need. That’s why:


  • Interpreters & intepretation equipment

Are you looking for an interpreting company you can trust? Need accuracy, sector specialisation and superb customer service? Through our specialist division, Ubiqus – Westminster Sonus provides a complete language interpretation service for multi‑lingual conferences, all types of meetings, and for courts and legal hearings. We combine skilled interpreters and high-quality interpretation equipment to match your requirements absolutely.