Ubiqus is proud to launch www.legal.ubiqus.co.uk today!
our brand new website dedicated to servicing our legal clientele. Accredited by the Ministry of Justice, Ubiqus is a Transcription Company authorised to provide Transcripts:

  • of London Crown Court Proceedings
  • of Civil Court Proceedings in England & Wales  

We provide legal transcription for the following London Crown courts:

  • Blackfriars
  • Croydon
  • Harrow 
  • Inner London
  • Isleworth 
  • Kingston Upon Thames 
  • Snaresbrook
  • Southwark 
  • Wood Green 
  • Woolwich 

Furthermore, we are the most affordable Civil Court Transcription Service in England & Wales. In addition you can find out more details about other legal services such as:

  • Depositions & Evidence on Commission
  • Legal Audio Transcription 
  • Legal Language Services 

Our new website also allows you to download and complete EX107 forms quickly and efficiently. If you have comments, suggestions or queries about our website, you can easily contact our dedicated team and we will be happy to discuss at legal@ubiqus.com.

Visit www.legal.ubiqus.co.uk today!


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