The increase in online platforms for communication have made business interactions at a global level much easier. The rise of the web, social media and video calls has also spurred the need for machine translation. With companies like Google leading the charge, machine translations are at a new level of sophistication.

While it has improved greatly, machine translation is not yet at the point where it can be used exclusively. This is because machine translators are unable to deal adequately with one thing – meaning.

Conducting business still requires accurate translation and interpretation when dealing with multiple languages and cultures around the world. Equally one can only truly understand the meaning of a document if it is accurately translated. Equally they can only understand a communication that is accurately interpreted.

Take one of our clients, for example – they wanted to deliver a series of webinars consisting of two 60 minute webcasts. These webcasts were also accompanied by PowerPoint presentations as visual cues.
This particular job required materials in French, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean. The job had considerable logistical and technical demands as it was facilitated in Paris and used multiple translators and interpreters. Multiple languages informed us that the content was meant for a global audience who had different ways of understanding messages.

20 years of experience project managing meetings, conferences and events, utilising highly qualified translators and interpretations, is what helped us successfully fulfil the requirements of this job. The client was extremely satisfied with the delivery of the webcasts.

Although machine translation will continue to grow and improve, skilled human translators and interpreters have the linguistic and cultural understanding that is difficult to replicate with machines. What can be said is the need for accurate translation and interpretation is ever-present.

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