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Minute Taking

[ Public Sector ]

Government and public sector events demand the highest standards from any transcription service, requiring quality, speed, reliability and confidentiality. Experienced transcription service providers Ubiqus ensure all government sector transcriptions, summaries and reports documents are not only well-written and accessible, but ultimately useful for a wide range of readers.

Our public sector transcription service recognises the need for using specialised transcribers for fields whose subject matter necessitates specialised knowledge. By having an extensive network of transcribers, we are able to pair your project with someone whose expertise in your field of interest.

Conferences & Seminars

Strategy Meetings


Public Consultations

Press Conferences

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Suggested Services

Full Transcript

Ideal to obtain transcripts of  Annual General Meetings (AGM), transcripts of plenary sessions and Financial results.
16-19 pages per hour of meeting.
The Full Transcript effectively retains everything that is said (with the exception of hesitations and housekeeping remarks). But emphasis is given to readability – so vocabulary and grammar can be altered to give the smoothest possible reading experience.

Brief Summary

Ideal to obtain minutes of an informal meeting, minutes of a management meeting and where a recording of the meeting is not permitted.
4 pages per hour of meeting.
Only the information that goes to the heart of the speaker’s message is retained. We discuss with the client beforehand what issues and themes are most important so that these can be brought out in the document.

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Case Studies

Conferences & Seminars

Ubiqus have extensive experience as an expert transcription service for the provision of minutes, summaries and transcripts of government and public sector conferences. For example, Ubiqus recently worked with a major government department on a series of conferences. Ubiqus provided a complete set of summaries recording key points from speeches, sessions and workshops, plus an overview of outcomes.

The fact that the conference organisers wanted to capture the content of six simultaneous breakout sessions at each conference was no barrier. Ubiqus fielded a team of writers, who attended all plenary and breakout sessions, providing Brief Summaries. Then a Thematic Summary drew together the main results across the series. The resulting documents were circulated by email to attendees and posted on the departmental website.

Thinktank Seminars

Seminars are one of the most important ways of bringing interested parties together for discussion and debate. When a London-based thinktank recently hosted a seminar on the nuclear industry, speakers included MPs, representatives of UK and US government departments, and executives from accounting, legal, and energy firms. As part of the transcription services provided by Ubiqus, a Revised Report was created in a bespoke style, which our delighted client called a “Fantastic piece of summary writing.”

Press Conferences

When security and accuracy are key concerns, along with the need for unobtrusive recording and transcription services, many departments turn to Ubiqus. We provide fast turnaround Full Transcripts for press conferences across regional and national government, including press conferences at No. 10.

Strategy Meetings

Good strategy meetings result in action plans that are clear and concise, and ready to implement. An tailor-made report or summary from a professional transcription service such as Ubiqus can be prepared for approval and circulation just hours after a meeting, enabling swift action on agreed points.

Public Consultations

Strictly speaking, what Ubiqus provides to support public consultation is a complete analysis and reporting service rather than simply a transcription service. Ubiqus offers a streamlined end-to-end solution for major public consultations that is both cost and time-efficient, freeing government staff from the process of summarising, analysis and report-writing. Our solution includes:

• Logging and summary of responses, whether web form, paper documentation, email, free-form or multi-choice. Ubiqus can utilise clients’ database, survey platform and software, for a seamless integration of data.

• Qualitative and quantitative analysis, from any defined angle including by respondent type or sector, key themes, and so on.

• Publication quality reports, documents that fulfil a need and a useful purpose for a variety of users, from ministers to the media.

When a government department received more than five times the expected response to a public consultation, they called in Ubiqus to ensure they achieved their fixed deadline. Ubiqus built a database, scaled up a project team, logged and summarised all the responses, did qualitative and quantitative analysis on the results, and provided final reports in less than eight weeks. The department proudly published Ubiqus’s reports on their website and submitted them to ministers.

Legal Transcription

biqus can either provide a writer onsite or work from audio.

We can provide legal organisations with:

Police interviews transcripts
ABE interviews transcripts (transcripts can include non- verbal communication e.g. inteviewee’s movement and gestures as well as spoken text)
Disciplinary hearings transcripts
Tribunals transcripts
Arbitrations transcripts
Evidence on commission hearings (including videography)
Depositions (including videography)
Covert surveillance
Ubiqus is aware that many legal interviews of a highly sensitive nature, and we treat the material in that regard.

All audio will be carefully logged on receipt and return, and while in our possession will be stored securely.

To find out more visit our dedicated Legal Transcription Website.

Why Choose Ubiqus? 

At Ubiqus, accuracy of content is paramount, as it is for you. Ubiqus-trained writers are trained and qualified professionals with extensive experience in capturing industry related content.

Recognising the time sensitivity of these procedures, Ubiqus can promptly deliver detailed and accurate documents based on your deadline requirements.

Impartial & independent
Using an independent recorder such as Ubiqus decreases the likelihood of documents being challenged on the grounds of bias or inaccuracy.

Ubiqus understands the requirement for the conservation of sensitive information, which is why not only do we offer to willingly sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements you have in place prior to the commencement of any work for you. We can also encrypt documents with a password of your choosing.

Ubiqus stores all material on a secure https:// server with online banking security levels, access to which is tightly controlled and monitored. All materials relating to meetings can be stored in a secure archive or deleted based on our clients’ individual needs.

All Ubiqus processes and management structures are certified by our ISO 9001:2008.