We have been working with the European Council for a few years now providing them with  audio-visual equipment for their mock board meetings. The actual European Council brings together the heads of state of member countries along with the council president and president of the European Commission.

The mock-up European Council gathers two students from thirty schools invited to represent a country each. The European Council chooses two topics to discuss on current affairs and separate the representatives into two groups of thirty with one member from each school or ‘country’ attending each session. They spend the morning discussing the issues and give their country’s opinion on the matter when they get a chance to speak.  Students are required to do prior research  from sources they can access which range from the internet all the way to getting in contact with the embassy of their country.

In the afternoon the sixty students come and sit together at their country seat. They then present their country’s views and give a conclusion on where they stand as a member state. Each year a minister will give a speech before the start of the session; last year Nick Clegg attended.

We have also provided our equipment for a similar project – the Model United Nations (MUN) which is organised by Calthorpe Park School.  We set-up our BOSCH push-to-talk microphones so students are able to voice their opinions. We got great feedback from the children this year, one of which stated:

“It was awesome!!!  Best experience of my school career.  Facilities and set up are so realistic; it makes us feel like we really are in the UN.”


Above: Picture of the mock MUN this year at Calthorpe School.


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