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After the end-of-year travels, family time, fun and fireworks, the Ubiqus Translation Team is ready to tackle 2016 head on with renewed stocks of energy and ideas. Here is what we have been working on and what we are expecting in the coming year.


Top Target Markets
We generally judge our clients’ highest performing markets according to the languages we translate for them most often.
2015 saw a shift in the top 5, Spain and Brazil were kicked out to make room for Germany and the UK. The UK was bolstered by increased interest from French investors, painting the following picture:

Top Growth Countries

1. Poland
2. France
3. Russia
4. Germany
5. United Kingdom

Growing Sectors

1. Public sector
2. Medical
3. Events
4. Legal
5. HR

Our constantly diversifying community has given rise to a surge of language activity in the public sector, working to strengthen relationships, economic growth and the rising demand for services in the UK.


Attractive Economies
With the World Bank having cut global growth forecasts as emerging markets struggle, we look to see where our clients will venture next.

We expect to see a continued focus on and from Russia, in spite of concerns over low growth rates. Whilst movements towards Brazil and China may start to cut back amidst the acute worries concerning these economies.


Shifting Focus
We are starting to see a clear shift of business focus from clients to employees, with the increase ofemployee experience and engagement projects.

Large corporations are actively trying to increase their staff engagement with co-workers on a national and international level.

The aim seems to be to enhance their daily work experience, by building communication portals, encouraging the use of digital apps, as well as simplifying and modernising communication tools.

Planning ahead

We have been busy revamping our company literature to better share our specialist experience here at Ubiqus. Please download your personal copy here.

If you’re planning to take your business to the next stage this year, perhaps translating company literature for clients in new markets or are looking to better engage your colleagues across the world, speak to us today so we can advise on best practices.

We have several exciting events planned for the year ahead, not least our ever-popular Summer drinks, stay tuned for more news!


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