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Hoping to see a rapid change in the weather and a few rays of the spring sun, the Ubiqus Translation Team ponders on other changes that might also be imminent in the coming months. Looking back on the trends we saw develop in the last month and speaking to our colleagues, here is what we have to share with you this month.

February Trends

Latin America

This February has seen our legal portfolio go from strength to strength.  Several new client cases seem to be stemming from Latin America requiring both Portuguese and Spanish translations.

We have also been supporting UK trade bodies in strengthening relationships with Brazil, particularly in the Sports and Recreational sector.


Many of us seem to be giving our websites a new lease of life. Ourwebsite translation team have seen a sharp increase in the number of websites being created, translated and updated as our clients plan for world domination!

Policy updates

With global domination comes the need to ensure employees across the world are kept updated on evolving company policies and practices. Particular focus is currently on taking care of safety and security measures in line with growing concerns aboutcyber security.


Being an international translation company with strong holds across Europe in France, Spain and Belgium, we have been paying close attention to the Brexit debate.

Opinions within our London office seem to be split.

Some believe that the result will be similar to the Scottish independence debate in 2015. That the UK public will realise that “Union is always better than separation“.

However, others believe that the current arrangements are “flawed” that we would be stronger as an independent nation; freer to better control our policies and borders.

Whatever the outcome, we are yet to see how businesses in the UK, with regards to trade and international cooperation will be affected. Aside from cultural concerns, it is clear that a strong economic case needs to be put forward to assist voters in their final decision.

International Women’s Day

Tuesday 8th March saw International Women’s Day being celebrated the world over. Admittedly, we did little to outwardly mark this day, but we did look into our client demographic to see what we might find.

It was intriguing to see that our clients are actually fairly well balanced. The first quarter of 2016 has so far seen 52% of jobs confirmed by female client contacts, compared to 48% for the same period last year. From this small data set we can see that women hold a fair portion of influential roles in the sectors we work in, from executive to managerial, which is hopeful and promising in the context of the popular topic of gender equality in the workplace.


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