We at Ubiqus have a dedicated team that delivers quality, accurate and fast turnaround minutes. These are only a few reasons why NHS institutions have decided to come to us for their Serious Incident Investigation minutes for many years.

Ubiqus services for the NHS Ubiqus has a strong HR department that has experience in assisting NHS departments of all sizes by providing minute taking and transcription services for internal Procedures, including:

  • Serious incident investigations;
  • Internal clinical incident hearings;
  • Staff hearings;
  • Local resolution meetings;
  • Grievance meetings such as grievance hearing and grievance investigations;
  • Disciplinary meetings such as disciplinary hearing and disciplinary investigations;
  • Appeals (for both grievance and disciplinary meetings);
  • Employee consultations.

Since 1997, our team have managed to build a clear understanding of the extensive requirements that NHS institutions require. Ubiqus acknowledges that the accuracy of content of your Serious Investigation minutes is paramount. We therefore have writers who are trained and qualified professionals with extensive experience in capturing SI content.

Ensuring neutrality and impartiality for Serious investigation minutes is considered the up most importance. By using an independent recorder such as Ubiqus decreases the likelihood of your minutes being challenged on the grounds of bias or inaccuracy.

Furthermore, our team understands the requirement for the conservation of sensitive information, which is why no only do we offer to willingly sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements you have in place prior to the commencement of any work for you. We can also encrypt documents with a password for your choosing.

These are still only a few reasons why NHS institutions decide to come to Ubiqus for their Serious Investigation minutes, so why not give us a call and become part of our 10,000 diverse client base.

Arnold Gorah
Public Sector Account Manager

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