Over the last 25 years Ubiqus has supported many European Work Councils (EWC) with our Live Event Services. Ubiqus has developed strong working relationships with multinational organisations, across a multiple sectors, which repeatedly come back and use all of our above services for their EWCs. These include: Marks & Spencer, GSK, Pilkington, Tesco, Panasonic, Oracle, Fujitsu and Coca-Cola to name a few.


EWCs are the natural environment for our products, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and the delegates make the most of the meeting.



The largest problem faced when bringing staff together from all over Europe is how they communicate during the meeting when they all speak different languages. Ubiqus provides BOSCH interpretation equipment; BOSCH certified technicians; and the highest level of interpreters to support your event.

Interpretation BoothsHeadsets and language distrubution equipmentMicrophones

[Capturing the Content]

The matters discussed at EWCs can have severe knock on effects to an organisation’s policies. Ensuring the discussions are accurately recorded is crucial, and Ubiqus can provide experienced writers to produce anything from a full script of proceedings, to a much more beneficial summary. Having our writers produce minutes of each meeting can ensure they are quickly and accurately produced, leaving our clients’ staff free to focus on other items.



Ubiqus has provided our optimum badging services to a vast array of clients. The badges can be personalised to each client, and not only identify the delegates name but their nationality/first language; helping to reduce embarrassing introductions. Badges can include printed agendas and be customised to our client’s requirements.



Where delegates are attending from multiple countries the language barrier may require preparatory material and the minutes to be translated into several languages. Ubiqus can provide translation services in up to 70 languages.



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