QR code reader on a phoneQR codes are a really handy way of distributing information.

They can do a number of useful things.

  • They can take you to web pages;
  • They can log you into a router;
  • They can add a business card to your phone.


Combined with a name badge, QR codes are a powerful networking tool.

Look at the above image: simply scan a Ubiqus name badge with a business card QR code on it with your mobile phone (equipped with a camera) and that person’s contact details will be saved to your device.

It is a modern and fast way to promote networking among your delegates. No rush and no fuss.

It is just a matter of having the right QR scanner installed on your mobile… and there are many (read below).

qr code

Generating the QR code is easy and has become really standard.

Of course, we will do it for you, just provide us with the right information (in a nice excel file).

This is an example of a vCard that bears the following information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • title
  • street, zip code, city and country
  • company/organisation
  • business email
  • business phone
  • company website



QR code in a Ubiqus Name Badge

Ubiqus can include all major types of QR codes on our name badges.


Here are some recommended scanner softwares. Open this page with your browser on your mobile and just tap on the below links, depending of your operating system.
QR Droid
QR Code Reader

Quick Scan


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