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Minute Taking

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Transcripts & Reports

When each piece of information is vital, transcripts and reports provide the complete proceedings. Legal is ‘verbatim as uttered’ and used in court settings.


Ideal to obtain transcripts of interviews and in a legal context.
22-23 pages per hour of meeting.
The Verbatim transcript captures everything that is said in the way it is said. We simply fix basic grammatical errors and remove stutters and hesitations; we retain everything else. You receive the most comprehensive account of your meeting.

Full Transcript

Ideal to obtain transcripts of  Annual General Meetings (AGM), transcripts of plenary sessions and Financial results.
16-19 pages per hour of meeting.
The Full Transcript effectively retains everything that is said (with the exception of hesitations and housekeeping remarks). But emphasis is given to readability – so vocabulary and grammar can be altered to give the smoothest possible reading experience.

Revised Report

Ideal to obtain minutes of  roundtables and seminars.

11-12 pages per hour of meeting.
Revised Reports are not simply transcribed accounts of meetings. The flow of words is simplified, and the contents are paraphrased. This reduces the page yield by up to 60%, whilst still giving an excellent record of what was said.


Summaries convey the essential information from meetings in as little as two pages per hour. They are ideal for email distribution, publishing online, and easy to act upon quickly.

Standard Summary

Ideal to obtain minutes of disciplinary and grievance hearings, minutes of breakout sessions and workshops, minutes of seminars.
6 pages per hour of meeting.
The Standard Summary uses rewriting and the selection of primary information over secondary information to achieve its page yield.

Brief Summary

Ideal to obtain minutes of an informal meeting, minutes of a management meeting and where a recording of the meeting is not permitted.
4 pages per hour of meeting.
Only the information that goes to the heart of the speaker’s message is retained. We discuss with the client beforehand what issues and themes are most important so that these can be brought out in the document.

Executive Summary

Ideal to obtain minutes of a European Work Council (EWC) or of a meeting that lasted several hours, to publish a summary of the meeting online.
2 pages per hour of meeting.
This is an enhanced outline of the meeting, perhaps closest to what is traditionally known as ‘minutes.’ This type of report is normally guided by the interests of the client to include certain information.

Why Choose Ubiqus

We know that you need documents that are accurate and well-written. Documents that won’t require you to spend a lot of time revising. That’s why Ubiqus employs writers, not audio typists. Professional, trained writers whose ability to research gives them an intuitive understanding of your meeting, even when it’s complex or technical.

Our writers don’t merely repeat what’s been said; they summarise, paraphrase or transcribe it objectively. Then our editors double-check.

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Our range of services is designed to ensure you receive exactly the support you need.  By taking into account how you intend the document to be used, the level of detail required and the speed of delivery, one of our Account Managers can advise on the most appropriate choice for you.