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There’s a spring in everyone’s step as sunshine begins to peep through the clouds. We’re already scouting out our beer garden for the summer months, but before we get ahead of ourselves here’s a look back on the Translation Team‘s last month.

April Trends

Technical contracts

Our clients from the natural resources and energy sector, as well astransport and aviation, faced communication challenges when contracting work to European suppliers or signing agreements with overseas facilities. Ubiqus has helped to translate major contracts and agreements for countries including Russia, Romania, Mexico and China, including guidelines on the responsible use of natural resources and fair international trade.


The NHS remains the pride of Britainwith continuous efforts to improve the services and their delivery to each and every patient in the UK. Ubiqus works with many NHS Trusts, Hospitals and Health Authorities providing support to local and national programmes aimed at facilitating access of patients and communities to existing and new services, which are continuously transformed and developed.

Vote Leave or Britain Stronger in Europe?


With the announcement of the Lead EU referendum campaigns announced last week we revisit the Brexit topic with the Ubiqus team.

The 8-10 point lead of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign seems to have all but disappeared with most polls now casting in favour of Brexit.

Despite economic warnings from the Government and the IMF, the British public seem to overlook the economic argument and instead focus on the migratory/political/institutional issues that affect the EU.

Take for instance the recent Brussels terror attacks highlighting migratory issues. Further bolstering the Vote Leave campaign was the recent Dutch vote against an EU-Ukraine treaty, showing EU discontent is not just a UK concern.

Have you made up your mind yet?

Easter Competition

Well done to the lucky winners of the Easter Egg Hunt competition. Some have already benefitted from the discount that was up for grabs. We’ll be running another competition soon so keep those eyes peeled!

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