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Ubiqus founded in 1991 offers the most professional transcription and summary services available:

      Writer Attendance or Audio Transcription.

      Specialist Writers and Editors

     Fit For Purpose Documents

      Reliable, Timely and Accurate

     ✓ Confidentiality and Security.

      Dedicated Account Managers

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

From the most concise Executive Summary to the most comprehensive Full transcript, you will receive a service and an accurate document to match your requirements. Scroll down to find out more

Ubiqus is trusted by Over 2000 Companies 

including some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious institutions.  Click here to find out our diverse client base

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  • Fast, accurate and attentive
Ubiqus can provide a basic verbatim transcript of any meeting; however our experience indicates that organisations now require more from their documents than a plain recording of what was said, as it was said. Ours is an intelligent transcription and reporting service, whereby we can capture the content of your events in a manner that is more suited to how you are going to use the final document.
Our Account Managers ensure you receive the depth of coverage and type of document you require. Our writers are trained to transcribe quickly and accurately, and are equally skilled researchers and listeners. Before we do anything else, we seek to understand your organisation, your aims and your expectations – it makes the final document better suited to your needs. Our approach and our values are entirely focused on the needs of our clients.Ubiqus delivers meticulous transcripts and summaries to the timescales required by our clients. A same day service is available – but this is not at odds with our commitment to outstanding quality. Our Editors approve all documents before release. As our clients put our documents to practical use, it is incumbent on us to get them right first time as well as deliver them quickly.
  • Confidentiality
We do everything possible to ensure that confidentiality and security are maintained at every stage of the transcription process.
  • Every member of the Ubiqus staff signs confidentiality agreements (we can sign additional agreements for clients if required)
  • Many of our writers have undergone ‘Developed Vetting’ – the highest form of security clearance in the UK
  • We use a password protected, firewalled server
  • Our workforce has controlled access to different levels of our database
  • Incoming audio files can be uploaded directly to the secure server
  • Client extranet provides a secure domain for uploading and downloading documents
  • Emails are security encrypted
  • Documents are password protected
Reassurance is key. We take these steps so that you can extend any request for transcriptions, reports or summaries, knowing that we will conduct ourselves responsibly and handle your information securely.
  • Why outsource transcription and minute-taking services?
In-house is not always the best solution.  Our minute takers and transcribers save your internal resources. The benefits are clear:
  • All material is transcribed or summarised accurately
  • Abbreviations are used appropriately
  • Technical descriptions and names are checked for accuracy
  • Finished documents are supplied to your timescales
Because our minute takers and transcribers understand your requirements, their copy is immediately useful. It is written to reflect your needs – whether you want every word or a point by point summary. All copy is fit for the purpose (and the audience) for which it is intended. Our experience is extensive. Ubiqus was formed in 1991. Our belief in the requirements of speed, accuracy and reliability continue to mesh with our customers’ expectations.
  • Case Studies

Our transcription, summary, and report  writing services are utilized by a broad range of organizations for a variety of different purposes. Here at Ubiqus, we aim to provide timeliness, accuracy, and a relentless attention to detail – values needed to produce and deliver a high-quality document. The case studies below exemplify our dedication to providing cost-effective document solutions