Ubiqus – Harry Counsell provides court reporting and more legal services

Ubiqus founded in 1991 offers the most professional court reporting and legal transcription services available:

     ✓ Court Hearings

     ✓ Arbitrations 

     ✓ Depositions

     ✓ Tribunals 

     ✓ Interviews 

And any other legal requirements across the UK and Europe

Whether you require a court reporter to attend or some pre-recorded audio transcribed, we will be happy to provide the solution.

  • Harry Counsell

Harry Counsell became a member of the Ubiqus group in 2004.

Ubiqus – Harry Counsell has a heritage of 150 years supplying transcription services to the courts and legal community. We are a leading contractor to the Ministry of Justice and supplier to almost all the Legal 500. Our transcription skills are trusted by over 2,000 clients throughout Europe and the United States.

We boast a large team of highly skilled transcribers, the latest technology capable of playing and enhancing almost all analogue and digital audio, and a friendly team of account managers available 9.00-18.00 every working day to assist and advise you.

  • Request Civil Transcripts

Ubiqus is  is a member of the Tape Transcription Panel (TTP), authorised by the Ministry of Justice to transcribe court hearings from the High Court and County Courts in England and Wales. Follow the link Civil transcripts to learn more or order.

  • Request Crown Court Transcripts

Ubiqus was appointed by the Ministry of Justice in August 2004 to provide court transcripts for the West Midlands Crown Courts:

Follow the link Criminal transcripts to learn more or order.

  • Quality
Ubiqus – Harry Counsell reporters and transcribers are chosen for their skill in writing, their accuracy and attention to detail. Many of our reporters have decades of experience covering arbitrations, public inquiries, depositions, tribunals and court proceedings.
  • Speed
Even when your deadlines are tight, we can help. With a broad base of experienced reporters and transcribers, Ubiqus – Harry Counsell has the capacity to give you a perfectly written document a few days or even a few hours after the end of your hearing.
  • Reliability
Our friendly team of account managers is available 9am to 6pm every working day to assist and advise you. We can deal with any deadline, any complexity of material, any location or audio format. Whether you need coverage of a three-month inquiry or transcription of a single interview, we will respond with the same professionalism.
  • Security clearance and confidentiality
All our reporters have undergone background checks, compliant with the Government’s Baseline Personnel Security Standard.  Many have also been cleared to a CTC and SC level as a result of the contracts we have with Parliament.Our reporters are among the few in the UK to have undergone “developed vetting,” the most comprehensive form of security clearance in the UK. We work regularly for clients for whom confidentiality is crucial, including the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC).