HR Meeting Minutes

Ubiqus assists Human Resources departments of all sizes by providing minute taking and transcription services for internal HR procedures, including:

      ✓ grievance meetings such as grievance hearing and grievance investigations;

     ✓ disciplinary meetings such as disciplinary hearing and disciplinary                                  investigation;

     ✓ appeals (for both grievance and disciplinary meetings);

     ✓ employee consultations.

For Human Resources and Employee Relations meeting documentation, Ubiqus recommends one of the following two types of HR meeting minutes: Verbatim and Summary for HR meetings. Continue reading below to find out more

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  • Verbatim for HR meetings

An HR Verbatim transcript is a transcript of everything that is said, presented exactly as said, recording the meeting in its entirety and omitting only unnecessary filler, non-verbal utterances. It is a very exhaustive document (20-22 pages per hour of meeting).

The transcript is based on an audio recording. It can be obtained by a Ubiqus writer while attending & recording a hearing. It is part of our servie to you. Or you can provide us with the audio.

The final document is presented in a professional and functional template. It is carefully edited to ensure accuracy of all names, abbreviations and industry specific technical terms.

  • Summary for HR meetings

A summarised record of the meeting comprised of primary information written in the third person, past tense. It is a much shorter document that makes it more functional (less than 8 pages per hour of meeting).

Ideal when quick dispatch of information is critical.
Summary documents are produced from notes that Ubiqus writers capture live during the meeting,

HR summary do not require any audio recording.

In the document, involved parties are initialised (E.g. JS for John Smith), which can be easily modified to ensure anonymity. Carefully edited to ensure accuracy of all names, abbreviations and industry specific technical terms.

  • Independent HR note takers

Writing HR minutes requires training.  Our team of independent HR transcribers can provide high quality, unbiased and timely meeting minutes.

Our approach is flexible: for a one-off meeting or all HR meetings.

We write fast. HR meetings are often highly time-sensitive our HR note takers are accustomed to quick turnarounds and can deliver documents to overnight, 24-hour or 48-hour deadlines.

We have an extensive HR experience. We are the UK’s leading provider of HR document services with a highly trained, scalable workforce.  Last year alone, Ubiqus independent HR note takers have provided the minutes for over 2,000 disciplinary, grievance and consultation meetings.

Our independent transcribers are highly skilled and trained to produce objective and faithful, accurate meeting records; removing the need for HR personnel to take notes means they can focus on the purpose of the meeting and fully engage with the subject.

  • Why choose Ubiqus for your HR meeting minute taking?

At Ubiqus, accuracy of content is paramount, as it is for you. Ubiqus HR writers are trained and qualified professionals with extensive experience in capturing HR related content.

Recognising the time sensitivity of these procedures, Ubiqus can promptly deliver detailed and accurate documents based on your deadline requirements.

Impartial & independent
Using an independent recorder such as Ubiqus decreases the likelihood of documents being challenged on the grounds of bias or inaccuracy.

Ubiqus HR understands the requirement for the conservation of sensitive information, which is why not only do we offer to willingly sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements you have in place prior to the commencement of any work for you. We can also encrypt documents with a password of your choosing.

Ubiqus stores all material on a secure https:// server with online banking security levels, access to which is tightly controlled and monitored. All materials relating to HR hearings can be stored in a secure archive or deleted based on our clients’ individual needs.

All Ubiqus processes and management structures are certified by our ISO 9001:2008.