Meeting Minutes to Fit Your Requirements

Minutes have a variety of jobs to do. For some, meeting minutes are simply a written summary of the key points discussed and agreed. For others, minutes must be meticulously taken as they are destined to be used as a precise record of events. And in yet other instances, the minute taker must minute the meeting “word for word” as a perfect transcript – possibly to be used as a legal record of events. 
Whatever your minute taking requirements, Ubiqus can provide a reliable and professional writer to produce the right document format.

  • Why opt for a professional minute taker?

For minutes to serve their purpose, they need to be accurate, cover the appropriate level of detail and be available quickly. Utilising the services of a professional minute taker means you can achieve all of these. Every time.

There are other benefits too. Our minute takers are demonstrably impartial. Moreover, they adhere to strict confidentiality rules. And because we are professionals, our turnaround time is significantly quicker than most in-house minute takers with other job responsibilities – firstly because our first draft won’t require amendment, and secondly because we can offer an immediate, same day or next day guaranteed service.


  • Three steps to engage a minute taker
  1. Simply contact us with your requirements. An account manager will be assigned to you and will take the time to discuss the level of service best suited to your needs and process your booking.
  2. A professionally trained (and professionally presented) minute taker will attend your meeting, take notes and record proceedings.
  3. A complete set of minutes – in the format and level of detail you require – is produced, checked, proofread and sent to you within 48 hours or less (as agreed).