For some clients, a concise summary is much more effective. We can encapsulate the meat of long discussions into as little as two pages per hour of meeting, so you can ensure maximum accessibility for your readers.

  • Why choose a summary?
  Summaries are the most efficient way to capture the content of a meeting.

  Summaries are ideally suited for publication to intranet and distribution by email.

  They get right to the heart of the speaker’s message.

  Given their reduced length, they are far easier to read and can be acted upon quickly

  Summaries can be an excellent choice for concise meeting minutes.

  Unlike a stenographer, your Ubiqus summary writer can objectively edit information.

  Documents fit their precise objectives.

  Summaries are tailored to reflect the information you simply have to have.

  We provide a full range of summaries and minute taking services as well as transcription. We will of course advise on the most appropriate level of detail to suit your requirements: just contact us.

  • Summaries
  • While transcripts are exacting in the content they capture, their longer nature can mean that the message the speaker is trying to convey is lost.

  • Summary documents can be produced from a recording, or purely from an attending writer’s notes, therefore reducing the need to rely on an audio recording

  • Summaries convey the essential information from meetings in as little as two pages per hour. They are ideal for email distribution, publishing online, and easy to act upon quickly

  • Standard Summary

    Ideal to obtain minutes of disciplinary and grievance hearings, minutes of breakout sessions and workshops, minutes of seminars.
    6 pages per hour of meeting.
    The Standard Summary uses rewriting and the selection of primary information over secondary information to achieve its page yield.

  • Brief Summary

    Ideal to obtain minutes of an informal meeting, minutes of a management meeting and where a recording of the meeting is not permitted.
    4 pages per hour of meeting.
    Only the information that goes to the heart of the speaker’s message is retained. We discuss with the client beforehand what issues and themes are most important so that these can be brought out in the document.

  • Executive Summary

    Ideal to obtain minutes of a European Work Council (EWC) or of a meeting that lasted several hours, to publish a summary of the meeting online.
    2 pages per hour of meeting.
    This is an enhanced outline of the meeting, perhaps closest to what is traditionally known as ‘minutes.’ This type of report is normally guided by the interests of the client to include certain information.

  • Thematic Summary
    We assist clients who order multiple documents by drawing the major themes across the whole range of reports into one thematic summary – to the length you specify. Government bodies also use this service to help them analyse and interpret findings drawn from public consultations.