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[ WordPress Website Translation ]

WPML & Ubiqus for WordPress website Translations

WPML is a plug-in that simplifies the creation of multilingual websites with WordPress. It allows translation of pages, posts, taxonomies and all menus of your website.
The integration of WPML for Ubiqus allows us to manage your translations directly in WordPress. No more file uploads or emailing the contents of your project – the translations are managed in the back office of your WordPress website.

Get Started in 6 Simple Steps:

1. Install the WPML plug-in to your WordPress website.
2. Select Ubiqus as your Translator in the WPML interface.
3. You will receive a unique identification number to share your WordPress website with Ubiqus.
4. Select the elements of your website that you wish to have translated as well as your translation options (language, time, etc.).
5. Validate your order.
6. Receive your translations directly in your WordPress interface.

What are the Advantages of WPML?

With the partnership of Ubiqus and WPML you get the quality of Ubiqus translation directly to your WordPress website.

Automated Translation Process

WPML allows you to identify the content to translate (blog posts, pages, etc.), the language combinations and to confirm your order in just a few clicks, directly into your WordPress interface.

Reduced Translation Time

Gain efficiency and speed with the automated WPML process.
1. You can order the items to be translated directly into your WordPress website (languages, deadlines, instructions). The interface allows you to specify all your preferred criteria.
2. Ubiqus is automatically informed of the order and can start your project. The translation is done directly into your WordPress interface, preserving the formatting of your posts and pages. WPML is compatible with most WordPress themes.
3. Once the translation is completed you will be notified. All that’s left for you to do is to make the translation go live.

SEO Optimised Content

Thanks to WPML, Ubiqus translators work directly in your WordPress interface, so formatting and the SEO elements of your pages are preserved.

Best Value for Money

You get Ubiqus’ technology along with the expertise of our top translators.