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[ Translating Websites with WPML ]

We previously talked to you about what you should consider when translating your website, but what about the more technical side? How exactly do you translate a website?

If your website is built in WordPress, there is an easy solution – a plug-in called WPML.

According to, around 75,000,000 websites currently use WordPress, which is about 20% of all active websites worldwide. Since its first release in 2003, WordPress has grown considerably and in 2016 published over 117 billion words – and this figure will only increase as the translation of WordPress websites sites becomes easier, faster and cheaper.

Thankfully finding out if your, or your client’s, website uses WordPress couldn’t be easier. Simply go to “More Tools” > “Developer tools” on the webpage in question, then click on “Sources” and if you see “wp” under the website name, i.e. “wp-content” or “wp-includes/js”, you know it was created in WordPress. Just like ours:

Website Screenshot Image

To get access to this plug-in you just need to click here to purchase and download it select the “Multilingual CMS” option for $79.

Once partnered with Ubiqus on WPML (we’ll tell you how!), you select the languages you require, add your files to a Translation Basket and send them to us. Translated files are sent back to you via WPML – it’s as simple as that.

The key advantages of connecting on this platform are that it:

1. Automates the translation process
2. Reduces costs and turnaround times
3. Optimises content for SEO

As with all our translation projects, your site will be translated by a native translator specialised in your industry and the translation will undergo an in-house quality check before dispatch to you.

Further information can be found on our dedicated WMPL webpage, and you can give us a call on 0207 269 0370 or email us to discuss the translation of your website – whether it’s built using WordPress or not.