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Ubiqus founded in 1991 is:

Ubiqus provides a full range of language services for the FTSE 100, government departments and the legal sector, working from any type of document or audio and any format. Our approach is attentive, customer oriented and timely – for those who need a translation that is right first time.

Asking a generalist translator to do a specialist translation is a little like asking an eye doctor to do heart surgery… It’s also unlikely to deliver the language translation quality you need.

Ubiqus is trusted by Over 2000 Companies 

including some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious institutions.  Click here to find out our diverse client base

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  • Translation the Ubiqus way
  • Specialised translations

Our range of specialised translation services ensures you get a document that is fit for purpose. We are equally at home in financial services, insurance, energy, law, medical and pharmaceutical, employee relations, community relations, marketing and communications.

  • 70 languages

Our translators cover more than 70 languages as a firm basis, but we also work with more exotic languages from all over the world.

  • CAT Tools

We use the latest CAT tools (Computer-assisted translation software, not to be confused with machine translation), which helps us build comprehensive Glossaries and Translation Memories for bespoke quality and consistency of your translations.

  • Fast reply, fast delivery

We offer fast turnaround: same day, 24 hours, 48 hours or more, and our account managers will respond to your request as soon as you get in touch.

  • Loyal client base

Having built a solid reputation over the last two decades, we are trusted by our clients in all sectors and areas.

  • Our translators

We work with a selected group of qualified freelance language specialists and as we value their commitment to Ubiqus, we want to make sure their experience with us is as fulfilling as possible, to build long term cooperation for mutual benefit.
What distinguishes us from other translation companies is how we source, test and pay our translators.

Sourcing translators: all our translators go through a stringent selection process where their CV, credentials, references are screened and ascertained. We have one full time member of staff sourcing translators for the Ubiqus Group in Europe.

Testing translators: once we are satisfied with our preliminary findings, we test the translator in the fields they say they are proficient. The result of the test will be validated by one of our senior translators.
Once reassured, we will start working with the translator but their work will always be reviewed by our senior translator until we think we can give them free reins.

Paying translators: after going through so many hurdles, we deem it fair to pay promptly our translators… It might sound normal, but many smaller translation companies do not necessarily share our philosophy!